5 Years

From tracksuits to tuxes, life with no synopsis.

Loving it the mostest, it’s all just hypnosis.

Five years on, now defining successes.

I’m proud with no pride, egos are sublime,

Grown into a man, yet boy in the mind.

The shoes spill with grace.

You put the crown upon my mantle, I’m a sitting mace.

The smile on the face, still no trace, happiness is that bitter taste.

Credits cards and cake,

Your share they tried to take,

This cannot be a mistake, sticks I will not shake.

From bolder and wiser to balder and whys-er to boulder and wise-her.

It’s funny coz grass isn’t even green, the polar bear isn’t white.

The battle in my mind, day and night.

Flying upon thoughts, high like a kite.

I catch myself in your aura… out of mind, out of sight.

They don’t know about 370, try telling them about eighten-twenty-seven.

This lustrum therapy has been the biggest misconception.


5 Years =  260 Weeks and 5 Days /  1825 Days / 43800 Hours /  2628000 Minutes / 157680000 Seconds

or 59 Months, 4 Weeks, 1 Day, 1 Hour, 13 Minutes and 20 Seconds


March 2016