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7 Years at The Rack

    This month saw me complete 7 years at Rackspace.

    I am extremely grateful for the journey, learnings and mentorship along the way.

    The Rack truly is a great place to work, our achievements and awards are testaments to this, but aside from verification and validation, it’s also a feeling you get when working alongside talented and like-minded Rackers that have made the last 7 years a complete joy. It’s not often felt like ‘work’ and therein lies a monument to Rackspace’s importance of a healthy work-life balance.

    My friends and social circles would have seen the amount of fun we have, often I am asked if we do any work! It’s a Work-Hard-Play-Hard mentality that allows me to be myself at work, have fun and also play and architect on cutting edge technologies for global business needs.