Cloudflare Certified

I have continued my exploration into security partners and managed to certify with Cloudflare. Earlier this year they also blogged about this enablement. Accredited Sales Professional – Learn about key product features and how to identify opportunities and find the best solution for customers. Accredited Sales Engineer – Learn about Cloudflare’s technical differentiation that drives a smarter, faster and Read more about Cloudflare Certified[…]


May 2017, fresh-faced and very privileged to have spent the evening with the then International President of Toastmasters, Mike Storkey, responsible for over 300k members in over 120 countries around the world. I was at the time the president of The Toast Rack, a corporate Toastmasters club at Rackspace in London. And so from one Read more about Pies[…]

Master Your Public Speaking Skills v3

A FREE masterclass online to help you gain clarity, learn confidence and speak with purpose. There are over seven billion people on this planet, each with our own unique views, offering different perspectives, bringing our own skills & talents. I believe we all have a gift to give and we all have a story to tell and Read more about Master Your Public Speaking Skills v3[…]