Speaking in Dubai

At the Middle East HQ of HSBC on Emmar Square by the world famous Burj Khalifa delivering an impromptu speech on Volcanoes, winning the mini contest and gaining further international speaking experience    A post shared by SUMIT SHARMA (@spreadwisdomuk) on Aug 15, 2017 at 2:34am PDT

Purpose and Ambition – My Speech at Dell Canada

I am currently typing this up from Zavida coffee shop, downtown Toronto. For being an out of towner, the lovely barista gave me a free cookie, the people of this country are so nice! Would you say no to a free cookie? Give them a follow and if you are in the area, drop by and then let me know if their coffee tastes any good, for I whole heartedly abstain from coffee, its smell and taste abhor me. You ever tried Indian tea? #ChaaDaCup

I caught an Uber down here, through crazy Toronto traffic, from North York, where I was at the offices of Dell Canada, visiting their Toastmasters club. Last December, I was out in New Delhi, India where I visited and spoke at fellow clubs Adobe and Tata Consultancy Services, you can read more about that in a previous post: http://spreadwisdom.co.uk/international-experience-and-now-competent-leader/

Today I delivered speech 10 from my competent communication manual, whose objectives are to inspire your audience;


24 Hours to Toronto

I wake up after 4 hours sleep, still worried that my luggage is about 2 kgs overweight, what am I going to do? Just wing it Sumit, you can sweet talk the check-in desk. Don’t worry.

Exit from home on a Thursday morning, in the Uber to Gatwick, cool driver too, played some classic tracks, got me in a nostalgic mood! Sometimes it’s hard to take the edge off when you are going to enter an airport full of noise and commotion.

Gone through security, typical search and shoes off. I casually joke with friends on WhatsApp about the cavity searches and typical racial profiling.
Fact; I’ve never not been searched at the airport, guess I just have that face huh? or perhaps it’s the hue? lol.

Sitting at the all-day diner in the corner of the south terminal, where you can see the runway, the standard pint before a flight.

An elderly gentleman, as he is passing my direction, smiles at me.
Not just a quick smile, he prolonged this, it’s been about a minute, he’s still looking at me!
To break the ice, nicely I ask “Hi, how you doing”
“Are you famous?” came the reply, with an even larger smile.