24 Hours to Toronto

7amI wake up after 4 hours sleep, still worried that my luggage is about 2 kgs overweight, what am I going to do? Just wing it Sumit, you can sweet talk the check-in desk. Don’t worry. 8amExit from home on a Thursday morning, in the… Read More »24 Hours to Toronto

Discovering Channels

August 4th, Discovery House, Chiswick Business Park, The Discovery Channel embarked on a journey of self-improvement by arranging their first trial of a Toastmasters meeting. Els, The Toast Rack’s immediate past president and Sumit, the current President were invited along to show support and also… Read More »Discovering Channels

Best Use of Social Media

The Toast Rack has grown from strength to strength, being a corporate club at a modern IT company; Rackspace UK, we have taken the social media channels by storm, generating positive awareness and helpful brand attraction. Boasting connections and networking with the official twitter handles… Read More »Best Use of Social Media