Games & Tricks

Life is full of games and tricks. Chess and checkers and pick up sticks. Roll those dice, collect 200, Play it now, your years are numbered. Challenge your belief systems, give credit to plausibility. Open your mind to infinite capability. January 2017

New Years Resolution

Put in work for your last name, not your first. Are you really hungry? Or just quenching your thirst? Dig deep into the intricacies, of your own craft. The universe will cave and give you the last laugh. My friend, forget a resolution; make an affirmation… believe, conceive and conquer internal gratification. December 2016  

5 Years

From tracksuits to tuxes, life with no synopsis. Loving it the mostest, it’s all just hypnosis. Five years on, now defining successes. I’m proud with no pride, egos are sublime, Grown into a man, yet boy in the mind. The shoes spill with grace. You put the crown upon my mantle, I’m a sitting mace. The Read more about 5 Years[…]

Half a Grand

Half a grand, half a life. Fully grown, through stress and strife   My soul clenches it’s teeth when bearing your name. Your decision to leave, to board that train. Did you know it doesn’t come back? Searching for you, you’re hopeless to track. Physical form gone in despair. I used to make jokes about your distinct lack of Read more about Half a Grand[…]


100 days, what a long time. 100 is that number that is quite magic, sounds very bold, somewhat regal. 100 pence makes the pound. £100, that’s a lot of money, what would you do with a £100? 100 runs, that’s a century, Sachin Tendulkar, Sourav Ganguly. 100 points on the snooker table, from the break Ronnie Read more about 100[…]