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EP10 – Bhagwad Gita

    Despite the Bhagavad Gita being 5000 years old, it remains the first text we think of when we look at Hindu literature. Why would that be? What makes it relevant today and how does it take us beyond the dichotomy of good and bad? We look at these questions in this episode, where we explore the vast ocean of Hindu literature as applicable to the modern context.

    Siddhartha ji Krishna was raised in a family tradition of yoga, memorised the Gita at the age of 6 and was educated at the Kailash Ashram Brahma Vidyapeeth in Rishikesh. He is a spiritual master and a teacher of Indian philosophy, including Advaita Vedanta, Patanjali’s Yoga and Sanskrit, and continues to be based in Rishikesh at the Omkarananda Ashram.

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