Red Carpet Poses

Gracious growth, with red carpet poses,
The journey is drawn out, what did you want, red roses?

Donations of energy, projections and salutations.
The ultimate energy of solar, continued in affirmations.

Fall forwards and laugh first, chase fears like a hunter and have your ego unnursed. Mind splinter.

With the oyster as your universe, dont drink dr pepper as what can happen is the worst.
Take each step as it comes, play un-re-hearsed!

If you really want the island, you need to burn the boats.
For the philosophy that brought you here, is a feeling that dotes.

Tried playing it cool, this was meant to be a haiku.
Got brothers on the line, telling me what-it-do.

In sports mode laughing, at my own jokes.
Mind running races, like I’m cruising on 7 spokes.

Gratitude uncanny, writing rhymes on flights.
Thankful for the joy, celebrations and fights.

Does a poem have to rhyme, did you speak it from the heart? My favourite character is Dry Bowser on Mario Kart.
He’s a skulled out dragon, breathing fire, so dark, tell me why did an angel fall, to this satanic lark.

Gracious growth.
Red carpet poses.
What did you want? Red Roses?