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Specially designed courses, coaching you through what makes an effective communicator and a better public speaker!

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There are over seven billion people on this planet, each with our own unique views, offering different perspectives, bringing our own skills & talents.
I believe we all have a gift to give and we all have a story to tell and I guarantee you that there is someone out there that needs to hear yours!

Workshops are designed to help you gain clarity on your thoughts, learn confidence tips and begin you on your journey to speak with purpose.

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There is no other sector like the Technology sector. The advancements in data, machine learning and artificial intelligence fascinate me

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The quality of the communication we have with our peers, friends and family is an ultimate reflection of the quality of that relationship

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Mental stimulation is not enough, we must unionise this with our physical. An overall holistic approach to life, wellbeing and wellness is ideal


Born and raised in West London, Sumit Sharma is an accomplished Public Speaker, Technologist and mentor to many. He studied Business IT in Birmingham, has been a Toastmaster President and now hosts a podcast!

His work has seen him travel the world to present, coach and engage in dialogue with students, professionals and volunteers.

Working alongside national charities, international student organisations and global companies, Sumit regularly chairs panel discussions, thought leadership exercises and workshops globally.

Sumit’s passions lay in Technology, Communication and Wellness, he is engaged in a portfolio of projects that call for social change, sustainability and the development of plurality and cohesion.

Whilst maintaining a successful career in the Information Technology Sector as a Senior Solutions Architect in the Cloud Computing space, Sumit likes to practise kickboxing, road cycling and meditation.

Online Masterclass

I regularly host live online masterclass workshops for individuals wanting to develop personally, some looking to learn a new skill and often those wanting to brush up on their public speaking skills.

The Vichaar Manthan Podcast

I volunteer my time with an organisation called Vichaar Manthan. I am honoured to be leading a Project and even more privileged to be hosting The VM Podcast.

VM looks to explore modern day issues through a Dharmic lens. Please tune in and subscribe. If you agree or disagree with any comments, please let me know, let’s keep the conversation going in an earnest manner.

Be critical and let’s explore together!

Projects & Partners



Sumit walked me through the do’s and don’ts of public speaking and coached me on how to handle it smoothly. Naturally, the speech was a success, and I owe it to Sumit’s capable guidance. Not only did he know about the technical aspects of the speech, but at the same time, he made sure that the creative content of the address doesn’t lose its shine.

Aditya J PatwardhanFilm Producer and Director

When I got the appointment for my interview and realised I had to deliver a presentation I instantly thought on Sumit to ask for help. Every time I saw him in standing in front of the audience he talked like he was born to do that.

Miguel IzagaAssociate Devops Consultant, Rackspace

I found Sumit’s workshop extremely useful. It was engaging, interactive and I learnt several new tips on how to deliver a speech more effectively. His training has given me the confidence to visit universities and speak about my organisation. I would highly recommend Sumit to friends and colleagues. The skills he teaches not only help in professional working life but are also valuable life skills as well.

Avnish ThakrarProject Coordinator, Youth For Sewa

Thank you for joining us this weekend and taking some time to share your skill in public speaking with us. I’ve had the opportunity to speak to a number of people who attended and feedback has been on the whole, overwhelmingly positive. Everyone seemed to enjoy the opportunity to speak more than once, the practical tips and tricks provided and feels more equipped to approach speaking in front of large audiences.

Drishti MaeNational President, NHSF (UK)

Sumit’s work ethic is second to none. As an individual, he took his time to really analyse my speaking with incredible techniques and tips to help me always improve. Sumit pushed me all the way even when I didn’t have the confidence in myself.

Bilal Aslam – Cloud Engineer, Rackspace

Sumit went through the basic art of how to present to audiences, large or small. He got us to do a short exercise and all had to do a small speech at the end of it. I’d recommend Sumit to perform this talk within any company.

David JewellCustomer Success Manager, Cloudflare

I took on a journey on presenting, with the support of Sumit had the most amazing journey, picking up many skills that only later would I fully realise. The process of creating can get overwhelming but the lessons from Sumit helped me create my content. Thank you Sumit, the lessons you taught and the feedback has enabled me to keep progressing and improving. Thanks to Sumit and all he has done for me personally and professionally.

Wayne HooperSenior Manager, Rackspace

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There is no-one else like you on this planet, I want to help you share your story and express yourself through effective communication.

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