Guided Light Meditation

Mental Health Awareness Week 2020


To bring awareness to Mental health Awareness Week 2020, I welcome you to a 15 minute guided light meditation session, to help you stay in the present moment!

We often worry about two different times, that which has past and that which is yet to come. We do not spend enough time in the present moment.

I aim to focus your awareness on your breath and guide you through a light meditation. We will be able to focus on the body, the light and the energy around us.

No need to turn on your cameras or contribute to the group, just sit back, listen and follow the steps. Perfect if you are a beginner to this space, want to learn more, or if you are a pro and need some downtime of your own.

Family members welcome and feel free to forward to a friend or colleague.



There are over 7 billion people on the planet, each with unique views, diverse perspectives and different skillsets. I believe we all have a gift to give; I help people share their story with the world through public speaking.


Born and raised in West London, Sumit Sharma is an accomplished Public Speaker, Technologist and mentor to many. His work has seen him travel the world to present, coach and engage in dialogue with students, professionals and volunteers. Working alongside national charities, international student organisations and global companies, Sumit also looks after a portfolio of projects that call for social change, sustainability and the development of awareness for the increase of plurality and cohesion. Whilst maintaining a successful career in the Information Technology Sector, Sumit regularly chairs panel discussions, thought leadership exercises and workshops nationally and virtually.


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There is no-one else like you on this planet, I want to help you share your story and express yourself through effective communication.