Sumit is an accomplished Public Speaker, Entrepreneur and Investor who has worked alongside national charities, international community-based organisations and global companies.

Professionally working for a fast-paced and forward-thinking IT company called Rackspace, where the environment and culture allow you to be yourself whilst adding value on bleeding edge technologies. Sumit works as a Solutions Architect on cloud solutions for global clients. To get in touch in this regard, please use the following Twitter or LinkedIn handles::  

Whilst maintaining a successful career in IT, Sumit also looks after a portfolio of projects that call for social change, sustainability and the development of awareness for the increase of plurality and cohesion. You can navigate through these using the menus above.

Building his own businesses and interest groups, Sumit also has pursuits and passions in personal development and leadership training, offering workshops and consultations on these topics.

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I champion opening channels of communication and strive to be a reliable partner, to network, synergise and create opportunities with prospects, colleagues and clients.

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Sumit Sharma