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AWS Gen AI Accelerator

    Had an inspiring day at the AWS Generative AI Accelerator event held at the Amazon Web Services (AWS) offices in Holborn yesterday! 🚀 The event provided deep insights into the transformative power of Generative AI, showcasing how it’s reshaping industries and unlocking new possibilities. From… Read More »AWS Gen AI Accelerator

    Google Partner Thursdays

      Great day Google, with the Google Cloud Partners team, at Parter Thursdays, where we were able to showcase our talents and capabilities in driving the consumption of Google Cloud services, with a particular focus on the Manufacturing industry, talking about all things MDE, ID@Scale, AI… Read More »Google Partner Thursdays

      Google Cloud Migration

        I had the pleasure of attending Google Cloud’s Migration Hands-On Event Partner Enablement session, and it was a fantastic experience. The event was designed to help us learn how to migrate our customers’ workloads to Google Cloud Platform (GCP) in a seamless and efficient way.… Read More »Google Cloud Migration

        AWS Generative AI

          Earners of this badge are individuals at AWS Partners or Amazon employees who have demonstrated a foundational knowledge of AWS Generative AI Essentials Business Skill

          Google Cloud Responsible AI

            Great short course on Responsible AI from Google CloudWith artificial intelligence becoming so prominent in our lives, and growing in the workplace, in healthcare, in our personal lives, it becomes more and more important to use this intelligence responsibly. We must as a society, engage… Read More »Google Cloud Responsible AI

            Certified Digital Leader

              The customer demand for mutli-cloud has increased and the types of conversations I am having with my clients these days are usually #hybridcloud as I continue to assist in their Digital Transformation journey, so having the competency across the major cloud providers is something I… Read More »Certified Digital Leader

              Partner Picnic in the Park

                Partner Picnic in the Park!Cloudreach with Amazon Web Services (AWS) PSM teams celebrating joint collaboration and cultural heritage food during a sunny afternoon in Regents Park!

                AWS Migration Ambassador

                  Earners of this badge are individuals at AWS Partners who have demonstrated the foundational business knowledge about AWS Cloud Migration and the AWS Programs to support a customer’s migration to the AWS Cloud.