Like many, I believe the education system doesn’t teach us all that we need to know. Like many, I was disengaged from learning, especially from droning teachers regurgitating their PowerPoint slides. Like many, university was more about the clubbing and socialising, than the lectures and… Read More »Teachers


Extremely grateful and privileged to Rackspace for rewarding me with a trip, with fellow Rackstars and Presidents, on a weekend in Krakow, Poland to enjoy tasty food, learn how to make dumplings, sightseeing and an excellent tour and meal in an underground salt mine. It… Read More »Krakow


Listen to me takeover the Cloud Spotting podcast with at Rackspace talking about all things Personal Development Are you doing things to make yourself grow?

The Great Hack

Just got round to finish watching The Great Hack on Netflix Wow, the depths of our technological landscape that now involves behavioural analysis and change/manipulation. This documentary raises some important questions, some questions that history may hold against us, or thank us for? I think… Read More »The Great Hack


With Rackspace, I attended an Akamai Technologies partner enablement session for an excellent 3-day training session in Munich. As hosting and infrastructure landscapes change, it’s important to understand how performance and security services can be achieved at the edge. If you are interested in improving… Read More »Munich

Tech Webinar

I hosted a webinar with Rackspace and Livingston on migrating Microsoft workloads to AWS cloud. Is being overwhelmed by licensing agreements affecting your tech procurement? Any migration of Microsoft workloads to the cloud will have a profound impact on your current licensing agreements and product… Read More »Tech Webinar

Virtual Reality

As part of wider learning and breaking out of the normal training cycles, our Solution Architecture department run a “Nerd and Learn” session once a month, where anyone can present on a hobby or craft or passion they are involved in. Last week, we had… Read More »Virtual Reality

7 Years at The Rack

This month saw me complete 7 years at Rackspace. I am extremely grateful for the journey, learnings and mentorship along the way. The Rack truly is a great place to work, our achievements and awards are testaments to this, but aside from verification and validation,… Read More »7 Years at The Rack

Marketing Interns

Today, I was very humbled to be interviewed by our marketing interns at Rackspace. I was asked questions about my career, industry readiness and personal development. We went on a journey through my life, from graduating from university to my first role in the working… Read More »Marketing Interns