AWS London Summit 2022

Great couple of days at AWS Summit meeting prospects, partners, customers and friends. The Cloudreach booth was busy all day, it really is an exciting time in the cloud!

Who’s Who in Cloud Report

An honour and a blessing to be recognised in the latest Who’s Who in Cloud? report by Onalytica; been recognised under Brand Employees as an influential Exec Leaders and Subject Matter Experts working for large Enterprise brands that are delivering solutions in the sector. They… Read More »Who’s Who in Cloud Report

Vint Cerf @ Google

With Cloudreach today at a very interesting and entertaining session with vint cerf, father of TCP/IP and Internet legend, at the Google Cloud Partners techie meetup today in Kings Cross, understanding where the births of internet connectivity began and their implementation through history and new technology.… Read More »Vint Cerf @ Google

Sustainable IT

Sustainability really is the key! 🌱 💻Even in your data centre or IT strategy, that too with metrics.Thanks to Google Cloud & Intel Corporation for this informative course on Sustainable IT. What fascinates me about these concepts is the acceleration at which changes can be made.From AI-driven metrics to… Read More »Sustainable IT

New Challenge

My new swag package has arrived! New challenge, as a Senior Solutions Architect at Cloudreach, let’s do this!

Once a Racker

After 9.5 years, I am saying goodbye to a place that has been home for so long. Rackspace Technology UK truly is a special place and I am filled with gratitude for the experiences, memories & friends I have been graced with. I am blessed… Read More »Once a Racker


Like many, I believe the education system doesn’t teach us all that we need to know. Like many, I was disengaged from learning, especially from droning teachers regurgitating their PowerPoint slides. Like many, university was more about the clubbing and socialising, than the lectures and… Read More »Teachers

Cloudflare Certified

I have continued my exploration into security partners and managed to certify with Cloudflare. Earlier this year they also blogged about this enablement. Accredited Sales Professional – Learn about key product features and how to identify opportunities and find the best solution for customers. Accredited Sales Engineer – Learn about Cloudflare’s… Read More »Cloudflare Certified

Akamai Certified

I have been using some of this lockdown time to knuckle down on attaining some certifications in the industry I work in. Not just for the knowledge of said product or service, but for the clout too. Not in an egotistical way, but to be… Read More »Akamai Certified


Extremely grateful and privileged to Rackspace for rewarding me with a trip, with fellow Rackstars and Presidents, on a weekend in Krakow, Poland to enjoy tasty food, learn how to make dumplings, sightseeing and an excellent tour and meal in an underground salt mine. It… Read More »Krakow