Skydive in Dubai

Watch me fall out of a plane at 10,000 feet with Skydive Dubai

Conscious Breathing

Consciously breathing slowly and deeply keeps us present, oxygenates the brain, increases mental clarity and slows thoughts to a functional speed.

Creativity in Crisis

Honoured to be a part of Tattva‘s latest publication; capturing 26 unique perspectives of key workers, parents, educators and youth. The publication is available in paperback and on Kindle. You can find more details at www.tattva.org.uk/creativity-in-crisis Let me know if you buy a copy, profits… Read More »Creativity in Crisis

Sumit’s Food Diary

What started as a simple collection of my food photos, turned into an avenue of networking, sharing of ideas, tips for recipes and restaurant recommendations. You are what you eat and this is SUMIT’S FOOD DIARY https://www.instagram.com/sumitsfooddiary

Every Mind Matters

Today, at our annual Health and Wellness Fair, where benefit partners showcase their offerings, I presented on an internal resource made available at Rackspace. Alongside Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) England, we have a national group of Rackers who have trained as Mental Health First… Read More »Every Mind Matters


Listen to me takeover the Cloud Spotting podcast with at Rackspace talking about all things Personal Development Are you doing things to make yourself grow?


Learn, Earn, Return. I am always happy to mentor, guide, support and offer advice to younger grads, school leavers, up and coming IT & business professionals and interested public speakers. What better way to solidify your own knowledge and skill, than to teach another?