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KPMG Diwali

    I am honoured to have been invited by KPMG UK as a keynote speaker in their Diwali celebrations in Birmingham this year. Whilst representing Vaani Speakers I spoke on the adversity Ram Bhagwan faced during his life and how we can learn from the characteristics… Read More »KPMG Diwali

    Grant Thornton Diwali

      Had a great time at the Grant Thornton UK LLP Diwali event this year, with special guest speaker Dr. Rishi Handa who is always a delight to listen to. Special thanks to the network for recognising the need to celebrate diverse and ancient traditions and… Read More »Grant Thornton Diwali

      UK MOD Diwali Event

        🌟 Honored to have attended the UK Ministry of Defence 10th Diwali Event onboard HMS Warrior 1860 in Portsmouth! πŸŽ‰ Hosted by the Royal Navy, the evening was a celebration of shared heritage, bringing together the vibrant tapestry of cultures that make our Armed Forces stronger. 🀝 The Royal Marines Band… Read More »UK MOD Diwali Event

        Vivekananda Jayanti

          Shubh Vivekananda Jayanti, & Happy National Youth Day, marking the birth anniversary of one of the most influential and modern-day philosophers and monks of our times. One who continues to motivate me, inspires me to do my Dharma and express the divinity within me.

          3 Phases

            It is said that there are three phases to an idea. First, we think it, a cognition occurs and a thought manifests in our mind. Then sometimes we write it down, putting pen to paper has been one of the great contributors to passing on… Read More »3 Phases

            Great Idea

              When an idea is interrogated, and is tested against time and tribulation. When you can take this idea and view it from multiple angles and perspectives, and it still comes out with a wholesome, sustainable outcome, then that is an idea that matters! These matters… Read More »Great Idea


                Abhyasa is a Sanskrit word meaning “practice” and refers to a practice that aims at achieving a tranquil state of mind. Sage Patanjali, in his Yoga Sutras, explains the importance of abhyasa and vairagya (detachment) to achieving a yogic state of mind. Patanjali defines abhyasa… Read More »Abhyasa