Relationships, I believe are one of the fundamentals to a society, to one’s life. So how does one go about navigating them? They can be so complex, from a family level, to interrelations, to colleagues at work, to people on the street. It’s my great… Read More »Relationships

TC Global

The Virtual Global Ed Interaction (V-GEI), pioneered and hosted by TC Global, is a virtual event enabling you to discover the latest developments and options in Global Ed. This free, interactive platform is the place for Students, Parents, and our extensive network of Global Ed and Learning… Read More »TC Global

The Meaning of Marriage

I have the great pleasure of speaking on The Meaning of Marriage at Beyond The Bindi‘s Hindu Women’s Festival. April 7th through 11th 2021, 65+ speakers, researchers, and thought leaders will come together on a virtual platform to present 25+ inspiring sessions on a variety… Read More »The Meaning of Marriage

Public Speaking for Beginners

A specially designed one-hour course to help you gain clarity, learn confidence and speak with purpose. There are over seven billion people on this planet, each with our own unique views, offering different perspectives, bringing our own skills & talents. I believe we all have… Read More »Public Speaking for Beginners


To all my females, Happy International Womens Day, today we celebrate you! I am blessed to be surrounded by Women, I live with so many and it also happens to be my great fortune to be hosting The Vichaar Manthan Podcast, and so I present… Read More »Womanhood

Dharmic Wealth

It is argued that money makes the world go round.It is also said that money is the root of all evil.What do you think? In the era of Intrapreneurs and Bitcoin millionaires, how can the principles of Dharma help us cut through the noise? Episode 02 of The VM Podcast is out now,… Read More »Dharmic Wealth

Exploring Dharma

The Vichaar Manthan Podcast, out now on all streaming platforms. In the first episode, I get into conversation with Dr. Sachin Nandha to explore the meaning of Dharma, its origins and its application in the modern world. Join in the conversation, be critical and let’s… Read More »Exploring Dharma