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My Services


A bespoke package, catering to your individual needs.

I work with you on either specific elements of public speaking or we can take a holistic approach to the art of effective communication.

You may be preparing for a speech, presentation or a panel discussion.
If you need help in organising your speech structure and vocal variety or are preparing for a job interview and need to maintain clarity and want to come across confident.

Public Speaking Workshop for Rackspace Singapore

Whether it is focus and clarity you are after, or just want to improve upon your public speaking skills, I can help you discover your end goal and a structured plan towards it.

1-to-1 Training – one-off session
1-to-1 Coaching – 4 sessions in 4 weeks.

Group Coaching

Working with national charities, international student organisations and global companies to raise the profile of departments and brands to learn the basics of speech success.

Interactivity during sessions to build team rapport and confidence in the workshop. Live implementation through practice and takeaway tasks to continue your learning.

Public Speaking Workshop with Youth For Sewa

This workshop is ideal for corporate and organisations looking to improve their team’s public speaking acumen and confidence in oration.

This also works great for NGOs, charities & not-for-profit organisations

Adapted workshop available for schools, colleges & universities also.

Online Masterclass

A LIVE one-hour masterclass, with tips, tricks and Q&A

This workshop will help you gain clarity on your thoughts, learn confidence tips and begin you on your journey to speak with purpose.

Ongoing Mentorship (3-6 month engagement)

I have a number of clients who I coach regularly, who may have a long term goal personal development goal or do not have specific requirements, but are simply interested in a having a coach to guide and shape their speech delivery.

Marketing Internship Graduates at Rackspace UK

Ongoing Mentorship usually a 3-6 month engagement, with bi-weekly catchups.

Panel or Event Moderation, Chairing & Facilitation of Fireside Chats and Consumer Panels, Keynotes and Speeches

I have hosted and presented a large number of events and discussion panels both online and in-person, across the world.

I will be interested to discuss in a variety of topics, on all things communication, business, technology, society and wellness.

Hosting ‘Weddings Vs Marriages’ for Vichaar Manthan London

If you have an event that needs hosting or a consumer panel that needs an opinion, please get in touch to discuss further.