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A Hindu Monk in Chicago

    On this exact day, one month and 125 years ago, a young monk, with no money, in saffron robes, humbly, addressed an audience of over 6000 people at the Fullerton Hall, at the now Art Institute in Chicago.

    At the World’s first Parliament of World Religions and without any real credentials, this man received a standing ovation for his eloquent oration and impactful speech on tolerance and universal acceptance.

    I am honoured to have stood in the very room where this magic happened, as it takes great courage to not just stand in front of people, not just to convey a message, not just to be an excellent #ommunicator, but that too on a foreign land, with impeccable clarity and philosophical substance.

    Swami Vivekananda, in 1893, paved the way for modern societies to begin to understand the breadth and depth of our ancient civilizations and the vast knowledge, wisdom and Vedanta that is ready to be unlocked. His unprecedented success opened the way for dialogue between eastern and western religions.

    As an aspiring public speaker and proud Hindu, this room, this hall and the feeling within it spoke volumes to me, difficult to convey into text, yet a feeling within and a calling to grace such stages and impact humanity for the greater good, with plurality, liberalism and an increased dharmic aptitude.

    Arise, Awake, Stop not till the goal is reached!