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Akamai Certified

    I have been using some of this lockdown time to knuckle down on attaining some certifications in the industry I work in. Not just for the knowledge of said product or service, but for the clout too. Not in an egotistical way, but to be able to affirm knowledge via certification or recognised way is meaningful and should not be overlooked in a business setting.

    Last year I spent some time in Munich with Akamai to attend a partner training conference, this year I sat down to study those elements and certify against the following product suite:

    WAP, Bot Manager, KSD, AIC, PIM, Prolexic, Edge DNS, ETP, EAA, Image & Video Manager, Ion and mPulse. Which allows me to claim the following certifications:

    Akamai Partner Foundations Zero Trust

    Akamai Partner Foundations Web Performance

    Akamai Partner Foundations Cloud Security