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Department for Education Diwali Event

    I was truly honoured to represent Vaani Speakers at the Department for Education’s Hindu Society Diwali function ✨
    It was a fantastic opportunity to share insights on the profound significance of Diwali and the timeless virtues embodied by Ram Bhagwan.

    During my talk, I emphasized the essence of Diwali as more than just a festival of lights. It’s a celebration of triumph over darkness, representing the values of determination and resilience. Just as Ram Bhagwan exemplified unwavering determination in the face of adversity, we too can draw inspiration from his story to overcome life’s challenges.

    Furthermore, I highlighted the importance of fostering love and leadership, drawing from the compassionate and visionary leadership of Ram Bhagwan. By cultivating these virtues, we can not only enrich our personal lives but also contribute positively to our communities and beyond.

    A heartfelt thanks to the Department for Education for hosting this enlightening event and allowing us to delve deeper into the timeless wisdom of Diwali.
    It was a joy to engage with fellow enthusiasts and share the enriching experience of learning and reflection. A special thanks to Faith champion Tony Foot and his illuminating Diwali poem, to Susan Acland-Hood, for her words and light and Rakesh Joshi for coordinating the event and allowing Kajol Desai and I to grace a stage with DfE.

    Looking forward to more such opportunities to celebrate and spread the light of knowledge and positivity. Wishing everyone a joyous and prosperous Diwali! 🎆