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EP08 – From Banking to Benares

    Born in the UK, Divya Prabha did her first B.A. and M.A. from Oxford University and worked for top American Investment Banks until 1999.

    Having booked a ticket to India, intending to stay for a year, she remains there 21 years later, finishing her PhD in Ancient Grammar. Divya Prabha delivers lectures all around the world on yoga and Sanskrit whilst running the gurukul she founded, the International Chandramauli Charitable Trust, in Varanasi, where the protection and promotion of Sanatan Dharma and Bharatiya Sanskriti with the Vedas and Shastras are taught as a way of life. This podcast reveals the life and times of Divya Prabha and her extraordinary journey exploring Dharma!

    Recommended Book: Bhagwad Gita


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