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EP09 – Dharma Through Cinema

    In the exuberating world we live in today, where a lot of choices are cultivated through pop culture and cinema, how can we see dharma through the same 90mm lens? What responsibility do we have to ensure the transition from ‘real and reel’ has a seamless amalgamation, rather than a paradoxical one?

    “We have with us Aditya Patwardhan, a critically acclaimed, LA-based filmmaker who is known for a wide array of works, including documentaries, series pilots, and short films. With an internationally recognised filmography, his work has been showcased through prestigious mediums like the Cannes Film Festival. Aditya has also directed and produced two feature-length films with two more in production. We will be diving into how dharma impacts the eye of a cinematographer, through the many hats he wears in scripting, ideation, narration and acting through to post-production.

    Latest film: A Nomad River >>

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