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EP11 – Building Our Green Future

    Our everyday life contains consumables drawn out from nature and earth. While shopping is a favourite pastime, we are now facing the consequences of our consumerist lifestyle in the form of global warming. While we might think environmental protection is an issue for governments to solve, it affects every bit of our lives: from weather patterns, the food we eat, to our cultural, social and economic ties. In this episode of The VM Podcast, we see why sustainability is essential to maintain the very fabric of our lives.

    Let’s explore individual and collective actions that could help build a more sustainable living environment.

    We attempt to answer: how can our conscious actions as consumers and members of society shape a sustainable future?

    We are honoured to be joined by Judy Ling Wong CBE, born in Hong Kong, studied in Australia and has been living in Europe. She is a painter, a poet and an environmentalist, and the Honorary President of Black Environment Network.

    With an international reputation as the pioneer in the field of ethnic participation in the built and natural environment, She is a major voice on policy towards social inclusion and has pioneered an integrative approach to environmental participation, bringing together social, cultural, environmental and economic concerns.

    In 2000, Judy was honoured with an OBE for pioneering ethnic minority environmental participation, and in 2007 a CBE followed, for services to heritage.

    Recommended Book: A Branch from the Lightning Tree – Martin Shaw

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