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EP12 – Liberty & Freedom, Are you really free?

    We go about our lives, making our way through a ton of choices everyday, and rarely give a second thought to the ideas of liberty and freedom, as the society we live in celebrates these as guarantees to its citizens. But do we live with ‘absolute liberties’?

    Can we always say what we want? – There are certain rules, often unstated, that are observed. Not following these rules will often get you isolated, hence the idea of civil liberties is somewhat restricted.

    How about freedom? We celebrate our freedom in the form of exercising our specific choices. Are these choices based on free will?

    How are these ideas a keystone of our living experience?

    In this episode of The Vichaar Manthan Podcast, we ask and reflect on liberty, freedom, the differences between them and asking the all important question; Are you free?

    Dr. Sachin ji Nandha has a PhD in political philosophy from the University of Nottingham, is an ex-private equity partner, and is currently working with the Charitable Earth Foundation.

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