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EP13 – Today’s Youth – Today’s Leaders

    University years form a core of our life experience: this is a time we step out of our homes into the world, absorb the multitude of ideas around us, which shapes our identity and our contributions to the society. Indeed, having access to a safe space for exploring one’s identity becomes a critical need. This is the key vision of the National Hindu Students Forum (UK).

    In this episode of the Vichaar Manthan podcast, we’re in conversation with the current President of NHSF, Bhavya Shah, as we look into the challenges and experiences of the youth, and the need to have an open environment that allows the exploration of dharma in University life. Learn how the largest Hindu student movement outside of India operates on a completely voluntary basis, is youth-led, and envisions supporting the youth of today leading a change towards a more dharmic, sustainable society.

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