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EP15 – Dharma & Advocacy, A View from America

    “Academic freedom comes with academic integrity”

    Hinduism is characterised by an open, seeking and enquiry-based learning of life. Indeed, Hinduism has the potential to be an integrative platform, bringing in the values of acceptance, individual freedom and societal upliftment, to an increasingly polarised and fragmented society today. However, we have seen more and more individuals and institutions at the forefront of leading systematic biases, even attacks against Hindus and Hinduism, whether due to ignorance or with informed malicious intent. This is the central subject of discussion in this episode of The Vichaar Manthan Podcast, with the Hindu American Foundation (HAF)’s Suhag Ji Shukla. 

    Suhag Ji is a lawyer and co-founder of The HAF. She takes us through the journey of her encounters with representation or misrepresentation of Hinduism in the American societal narrative, even by academics, and the motivations behind the foundation of the HAF. She discusses the need for educational reforms, correcting the stereotypes and misconceptions about Hinduism and its symbols, and raising awareness regarding the human rights issues of the Hindu community in other parts of the world. From building a legitimate ground for open discussions on Hinduphobia to addressing the immense challenges of active dehumanisation of Hindus based on these misconceptions, HAF is actively contributing to building a stronger voice for Hindus not only in America but also for the Hindu community across the globe. 

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