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EP16 – Funding Change

    “A lot of these clients will have different ambitions, but what I can do as a consultant is I can help them reach their ambitions around ESG that they care about and that we care about that do help move the world forward. If they want to get at net zero, you can either not help them to get to net zero or you can. But the question is, are you helping move the dial for a positive change in the world, regardless of who you’re working with and are you helping them move forward…There are always going to be conflicts, whether you perceive yourself as not having any conflicts whatsoever, you will have conflictsMake the decisions that help make a better world and don’t get too embroiled in figuring out what the motives are, because everyone has a motive…its this distrust that’s stopping us moving forward.”

    Climate change, global warming and sustainability have been the major themes in the news for some time now, with the world starting to face the consequences of the rising temperatures on weather patterns, agricultural outputs, and entire ecosystems. These changes are being addressed by countries worldwide by setting goals of bringing down carbon emissions, switching to cleaner sources of energy, and a host of other measures. Every activity undertaken has an impact on the environment, and vice-versa. In order to continue having a functional economy while reducing environmental impact, a review of older processes, and new investments is being undertaken to minimise harm. A whole new field of ESG has now emerged to tackle this challenge. So what exactly is ESG?

    In this episode of The Vichaar Manthan Podcast, we turn to Yajur ji Haria to help us understand and explore the topic. Yajur Ji explains Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) in layman’s terms, and explores the complex, interconnected components that must be integrated to measure these impacts. Ultimately, he helps us understand the impact we have as consumers on the supply chain, and realise how each individual can make a conscious choice towards addressing these global issues. This episode helps answer: how does an individual fund the change we need in the world?

    Yajur Ji Haria is an Oxford graduate. He is the SVP and head of ESG analytics at Redington.

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