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EP17 – Yoga Business

    Little & Often

    Yoga has become popular in the last decade, especially in the west, glamourised some would say, it’s hip, cool, and sexy, it has benefited millions of people both physically and mentally, and claims not to be a new science, but a tried and tested method passed out from the depths of India. How do we take this ancient, multi-dimensional practice, which originated in a different land, imbibed with its own linguistic complexities and cultural and spiritual context, to the west and adapt it to our modern lives?

    Several yoga studios have emerged, and tend to be likened to gyms, where people flock to shed some kilos or get that movie-star figure. So is yoga only a set of postures and physical exercises? And does one not knowing its depth reduce the integrity of the practitioner? Where do we draw the line, where is it cultural appropriation and when is it simply not yoga anymore?

    In this episode of The Vichaar Manthan Podcast, we deep dive into the asanas and into the breathing techniques, with yogi Anand Parekh. We ask what Yoga means and its different aspects. Let’s find out what the practice of yoga brings into our lives and how it can be a powerful tool for transformation.

    Anand Ji Parekh grew up with a curiosity and an interest in Yoga. He worked full-time for eight years, before quitting corporate life to open his own Yoga studio in Nottingham, where he teaches and runs the business today.

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