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Google Cloud Migration

    I had the pleasure of attending Google Cloud’s Migration Hands-On Event Partner Enablement session, and it was a fantastic experience. The event was designed to help us learn how to migrate our customers’ workloads to Google Cloud Platform (GCP) in a seamless and efficient way.

    A great intro by Jason Purvor, loved the analogies of 7Cs and the flywheel, and of course credit to Mehran Alavi for putting the amazing event together.
    Representation from Cloudreach, Dharmesh Ghedia & David Ferguson And it is always good to see ex-rackers Will Parsons

    We had a hands-on lab where we got to try out GCP’s migration tools and services for ourselves. I came away from the event with a much better understanding of how to migrate my customers’ workloads to GCP in a seamless and efficient way.