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Hour of Code

    Today, I went back to school, not to learn, but to give back. Rackspace is generous enough to give it’s employees time to give back to the community, through social means, through charitable time and efforts and plenty of other noble causes.…/information/events/rackgivesback

    We have set up an initiative called Rack Gives Back #RackGivesBackwhere today we were at Harlington School teaching children ages 11-18 how to code. Coding is not something you need to have years of experience in to get started with, in fact as part of the #HourOfCode programme, literally anyone can get started with computing. It is a global initiative, backed by many, who understand that technology is changing and we owe it to our futures to enable them with new capabilities, something they otherwise would not be learning.

    I was also asked to lead a session with year 9s, who are coming onto a new stage in their lives of choosing GCSE subjects, taking their first steps in career prospect. Blessed by opportunities in my life, I am able to say I have a great job with a great company, we were able to show these children that although the thought about career and the working world is still a way way off, and the subjects they pick might in fact impact that, it is important to know that your next bright idea might be one that changes the world!

    I also guided a session with the 6th form, who are much closer to thinking about higher education and internships, they sought information on careers, the IT industry and general life choices after school.

    The experience was humbling for us as Rackers to be able to give back to the community by means of facilitating and driving this with a local school.
    I highly recommend you google #HourOfCode maybe check out and see how quickly you can pick up some basic programming. Understanding some of the languages of our future computing will be vital for all industries.

    I read a quote recently that said:

    We go through life learning, acquiring skills, we go onto to challenge the world, concepts and beliefs. We must also turn around and pass knowledge onto others, be it the youth, the hungry for knowledge or friends and family.

    Humbled to educate, inspire and facilitate.