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International Public Speaker

    I’ve been on a journey of public speaking and delivering workshops for a short few years now.

    I remember when I was first getting to grips with establishing my personal brand, that I wanted to be recognised internationally, you know “think global”.

    It was in that moment I set myself a target, a goal to deliver at least one speech/workshop a year, internationally. – In another country, so that I can legitimately claim global experience. Without too much planning or knowledge of how I would bring this to fruition, I simply established this idea in my mind, that this is what’s going to happen. I simply decided.

    Fortunately, I’ve been able to live out this dream consecutively for the last three years now and it also rang true for me again last week, when I was able to deliver a public speaking workshop to the company I work for, Rackspace, just this time to my Racker friends and family in our Singapore office.

    Many thanks to Ali for setting it up and the rest of the South East Asia team for the hospitality, the willingness to participate and the humbleness in sometimes uncomfortable scenarios. A great team and I hope to see you guys again soon! Decide, trust and keep working on your craft, who knows where it might take you πŸ™‚