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Mock Interviews

    Today Rackspace gave back to the community at Kings International College in Camberley.

    We led a workshop presentation representing the IT sector demonstrating that IT jobs don’t have to be boring, especially at a forward-thinking and fast-paced company like Rackspace.

    Rik and I also assisted in ‘The Little Interview’ where we conducted mock-interviews for the year 9s on their GCSE subject choices.

    It was humbling to grill them on their career aspirations. We asked specific questions to really get them to think about their choices and display the confidence to convey their reasoning behind their decisions.

    A ‘because I’m good at it’ felt silly to those that said it and for those children that had already discovered passions, were now discovering ways in which to express their opinions and share their justifications.

    Young minds like these need guidance when approaching the working world. Industry choices are so much more varied and learning experiences have been enriched by technology.

    I thank Rackspace for allowing its employees to give back in this way, especially to our next generations. I have to say there were a number of potential future rackers in the mix πŸ˜‰