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New Grads

    This week saw me take our new graduates on a journey of Public Speaking and Effective Communication.

    Rackspace UK has recently started a grad scheme in our Global Technical Support, Solutions and Services departments.

    It was humbling to take the recent uni-leavers on a path to build confidence, clarity and cohesion in their stage presence and speaking skills. I remember leaving university, without a clue as to what I wanted to do or how do even go about making my mark on the world. Yet, here I am years later, after coaching over 100 individuals, now confidently and joyfully giving back knowledge and wisdom I have learnt through practice, through making mistakes, and hopefully through flourishing.

    The group are on an adventure of learning and trying out new methodologies. Public speaking and effective communication is not an exact-science, different tools will work for different people and the beauty is in trying them out and see what works for you.

    Those that have worked with me before, know that I put people on the spot, I encourage full immersion, which is often brand new, sometimes scary and most often uncomfortable and that’s exactly where the magic happens, outside of your comfort zone.

    Looking forward to mentoring the graduates on their journeys through Rackspace.