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Paragliding in Rio de Janeiro

    Earlier this year, I ran off of a cliff, whilst on holiday in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.
    It was not a suicide mission, but a planned activity with friends. We all went individually, with a guy tied to my back, crazy right?

    With my life literally in this guys hands, I had to let go of all fear, let go of the idea that something may go wrong, trust in the present moment and just jump!

    What a great experience it was, thrilling, to take in the beautiful landscapes, the fresh air and ride through the tense turns of the parachute, to the end of an easy landing on the beach

    I’ve been asked a few times, if I was scared – honestly, No, I’ve been parasailing before, however the difference here is there’s no rope attached to no boat or the infinite sea below to break your fall, this was mad, just pure woodland and the hope that the air currents were on your side.

    The experience was damn exhilarating, to literally run off of a cliff, catch a wind pocket and glide from the mountain tops of Rio de Janeiro down to the sandy shores. Some real movie life ish.

    Watch the video to see my entire trip and excuse the occasional excited use of bad language!


    Have you been paragliding before?
    How did you find it?
    Whats next?
    I think I want to bunjeejump?