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Personal Development

    Surely, no one knows you better than yourself, right?

    I’m not talking about the skeletons in your closet, or what you did last summer, more about how you as a person navigate the world, use your tools and instruments, how you act in situations, patterns of behaviour and ideals.

    I was once sceptical of such quizzes and tests, the constant bombardment of them on facebook begins to cry fake algorithm after the first 10.

    After I had been accepted for a role at Rackspace, they asked me to complete a test, which had no bearing on the role I had been offered, phew!

    It was roughly 45 minutes and had statements to measure against. For example:

    The 2 are not mutually opposite, in fact you may be both flatly, so what do you do? Select the middle radio button of course, just that you cannot do this too often, it’s important to decide which is more you, dig deeper, think harder, where do you sway just that little bit more.

    The study is based on over 15 million data entries to form 34 strengths, it went was also published as a book and a New York bestseller, the Clifton StrenthsFinder by Gallup

    Another powerful personality test is the Myers Briggs or MBTI, take the free test on and let me know what you are!

    I am an ENFJ, The Protagonist…..