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Points of Power

    Points of Power

    – Every person is surrounded by a magnetic field. Wherever you go, the magnetic field goes with you.

    – You attract everything through the magnetism of your field. Your feelings determine whether you field is positive or negative at any time.

    – Every single time you give love, through your feelings, words, or actions, you add more love to the field around you.

    – The more love in your field, the more power you have to attract the things you love.

    – Imagine what you want as the size of a dot! For the force of love, what you want is smaller than a dot!

    – You don’t have to turn the negative into a positive. Just give love for what you want, because the creation of what you want replaces the negativity!

    – Spend seven minutes each day imagining and feeling having what you want. Do it until you know your desire belongs to you, as you know your name belongs to you.

    – There is only one force in life and that force is love. You are either feeling good because you are full of love, or you are feeling bad because you are empty of love – but all of your feelings are degrees of love.

    – To lighten up about bad feelings, imagine bad feeling as wild horses you climb on. If you climbed on them you can climb off them, too! You can choose to get off that horse as fast as you jumped on it.

    – Change what you give, and you will always, without exception, change what you receive, because that is the law of attraction. That is the law of love.

    The Power by Rhonda Byrne