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Remembrance for Indian Allies

    We remember them.
    The words that I remember from Revd James Power this week, at St Lawrence Jewry Church, Guildhall, where I was invited to speak at the City of London’s Multi-Faith Remembrance Service commemorating those that have served in WW1, WW2 whilst also remembering those that have been affected by COVID-19.

    I was honoured to offer reflections from the Hindu faith and speak on how we live by our karma. and what better karma there is than to serve your country, your kin, to serve mankind.

    Considered expendable and therefore often the frontline, the valiant British troops regularly consisted of my undivided Indian ancestors.
    So much so that did you know, 1 in 6 British troops were brown-skinned? The contributions our Indian ancestors made to the British army are unparalleled and fundamental to the end result. In fact, the Indian contribution forms the largest voluntary army in history, we remember them all right!
    Over 750k Hindus fought in WW1 and over 1.25m in WW2. Amongst those would have been my great grandfather who earned an OBE for service as a British Medical doctor. The OBE I still have today, which I shall one day pass onto my grandchildren and tell them of the contributions our lineage has served to humanity.

    A deep and meaningful service in the City this week, where alongside the Red of the Poppy, I was able to highlight the saffron of the Marigold, the Flower of remembrance for the Indian allies.

    Thanks also to Bimmi Rai, Rabbi Shalom Morris, & Yassar Abbas, representing the other major faiths.

    I left the congregation on a Sanskrit shloka: Vasudeva Kutumbakum, which means The whole world is one family.

    Humbled to represent and share in ideas that matter.