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    Like many, I believe the education system doesn’t teach us all that we need to know. Like many, I was disengaged from learning, especially from droning teachers regurgitating their PowerPoint slides. Like many, university was more about the clubbing and socialising, than the lectures and assignments.

    YET, there will always be that one teacher, that one lecturer or professor who was able to engage you, able to get through to you, actually able to help, teach and guide you.

    For me, at university that was Uncle Bob, good old Robert Clarke, who didn’t believe in a 10 out of 10, who would help lead you to get the conclusions yourself, who was friendly, whose little cubby hole in the middle of the Feeny/Galton building was always open for you to ask your stupid questions.

    If it wasn’t for Bob, I would not have graduated. I know many in the same position as I, and when hearing of his demise, I was touched and also honoured.

    Eternally grateful for the teachers who have left their mark on the young mind of Sumit Sharma. Bob, today, I celebrate your life and the thousands of other young minds you helped mould.