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The Great Hack

    Just got round to finish watching The Great Hack on Netflix Wow, the depths of our technological landscape that now involves behavioural analysis and change/manipulation.

    This documentary raises some important questions, some questions that history may hold against us, or thank us for?

    I think this conversation is bigger than any one individual, their company or any process.

    We should open this dialogue further to understand where data rights are and what legislation protects us from it getting into the wrong hands. The defining of wrong, in this context, is what I believe will be the most challenging. It is far too easy to judge the ‘internet’ for showing you an ad for an item you spoke about last week but revel in the benefits of say, shorter journey time via a traffic update or the money savings made because of that price alert notification.

    Fascinated to see where this takes us, for better or worse, technology has truly changed humanity on levels once never thought.

    Interested to hear your thoughts.