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The Meaning of Marriage

    I have the great pleasure of speaking on The Meaning of Marriage at Beyond The Bindi‘s Hindu Women’s Festival.

    April 7th through 11th 2021, 65+ speakers, researchers, and thought leaders will come together on a virtual platform to present 25+ inspiring sessions on a variety of themes.

    The subjects being explored are wide-ranging and deeply personal, encompassing relationships, sex and sexuality, leadership, social and cultural barriers to political activism, access to education, motherhood, psychology, and rituals and practices around menstruation and pregnancy. There will also be interactive sessions on writing, cooking, yoga, and holistic wellbeing.

    The Hindu Women’s Festival 2021, hosted by Beyond the Bindi, seeks to incubate indigenous Indian ideas and present diverse Hindu perspectives on all things femininity and womanhood.

    Beyond the Bindi is an independent literary platform, run entirely by volunteers, seeking to explore Hindu femininity, and is due to publish with independent publisher Tattva in Autumn 2021.

    It’s amazing to see some of these extremely inspiring women and hear their stories and narratives, check out the schedule for the festival details & register for free > > five days of immersive masterclasses and discussions.