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Virtual Reality

    As part of wider learning and breaking out of the normal training cycles, our Solution Architecture department run a “Nerd and Learn” session once a month, where anyone can present on a hobby or craft or passion they are involved in.

    Last week, we had Paul take us through the history of Virtual Reality, show us his kit and we got to play some VR games. I was climbing on a space station, flying planes over familiar grounds and destroying sound boxes with light-sabres. I have had a Google Daydream for a while and appreciate the art. Seeing all this on much more sophisticated kit has shown me how applicable this technology can be. The education sector for one can definitely benefit, with more engaging content and realistic projections.

    In some senses, the world is going mad, in others, we have a real opportunity to leverage new technology for teaching, exploring ideas and of course entertainment.

    Have you played with VR?

    What about AR?