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Vaani Speakers Academy

    Vaani is a community-based platform upskilling speakers and professionals though spirited learning, growth and professional development. ​We empower our students to ask insightful questions, explore disciplinary boundaries, and confront conventional ways of thinking. As national co-ordinator for Vaani, it brings me great pride to be… Read More »Vaani Speakers Academy


      Listen to me takeover the Cloud Spotting podcast with at Rackspace talking about all things Personal Development Are you doing things to make yourself grow?


        Very fortunate to have presented in front of the whole of Rackspace EMEA today at our company’s monthly openbook presentation. We revamped our Core Values and I was tasked with explaining what COMPASSION means to me in the workplace. Whether you are a Rookie who… Read More »Compassion

        Speech Fundamentals

          One of the main reasons I took a career change out of technical support into the sales and solutioning world, was that it allowed me to merge my passions, of technology and effective communication & presenting. The Solution Architecture department at Rackspace runs a #NerdandLearn… Read More »Speech Fundamentals

          New Grads

            This week saw me take our new graduates on a journey of Public Speaking and Effective Communication. Rackspace UK has recently started a grad scheme in our Global Technical Support, Solutions and Services departments. It was humbling to take the recent uni-leavers on a path… Read More »New Grads

            A Hindu Monk in Chicago

              On this exact day, one month and 125 years ago, a young monk, with no money, in saffron robes, humbly, addressed an audience of over 6000 people at the Fullerton Hall, at the now Art Institute in Chicago. At the World’s first Parliament of World Religions… Read More »A Hindu Monk in Chicago


                Learn, Earn, Return. I am always happy to mentor, guide, support and offer advice to younger grads, school leavers, up and coming IT & business professionals and interested public speakers. What better way to solidify your own knowledge and skill, than to teach another?