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Remembrance for Indian Allies

    We remember them.The words that I remember from Revd James Power this week, at St Lawrence Jewry Church, Guildhall, where I was invited to speak at the City of London’s Multi-Faith Remembrance Service commemorating those that have served in WW1, WW2 whilst also remembering those… Read More »Remembrance for Indian Allies

    TC Global

      The Virtual Global Ed Interaction (V-GEI), pioneered and hosted by TC Global, is a virtual event enabling you to discover the latest developments and options in Global Ed. This free, interactive platform is the place for Students, Parents, and our extensive network of Global Ed and Learning… Read More »TC Global

      The Meaning of Marriage

        I have the great pleasure of speaking on The Meaning of Marriage at Beyond The Bindi‘s Hindu Women’s Festival. April 7th through 11th 2021, 65+ speakers, researchers, and thought leaders will come together on a virtual platform to present 25+ inspiring sessions on a variety… Read More »The Meaning of Marriage

        Public Speaking for Beginners

          A specially designed one-hour course to help you gain clarity, learn confidence and speak with purpose. There are over seven billion people on this planet, each with our own unique views, offering different perspectives, bringing our own skills & talents. I believe we all have… Read More »Public Speaking for Beginners


            May 2017, fresh-faced and very privileged to have spent the evening with the then International President of Toastmasters, Mike Storkey, responsible for over 300k members in over 120 countries around the world. I was at the time the president of The Toast Rack, a corporate… Read More »Pies

            Creativity in Crisis

              Honoured to be a part of Tattva‘s latest publication; capturing 26 unique perspectives of key workers, parents, educators and youth. The publication is available in paperback and on Kindle. You can find more details at Let me know if you buy a copy, profits… Read More »Creativity in Crisis

              VE Day as a British Indian

                As we recognise VE day, what is amazing to me is that 1 in 6 British armed forces were brown-skinned. Considered expendable and therefore often the frontline, the valiant British troops regularly consisted of my undivided Indian ancestors. The largest voluntary army in history (wow)… Read More »VE Day as a British Indian