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EP17 – Yoga Business

    Little & Often Yoga has become popular in the last decade, especially in the west, glamourised some would say, it’s hip, cool, and sexy, it has benefited millions of people both physically and mentally, and claims not to be a new science, but a tried… Read More »EP17 – Yoga Business

    EP16 – Funding Change

      “A lot of these clients will have different ambitions, but what I can do as a consultant is I can help them reach their ambitions around ESG that they care about and that we care about that do help move the world forward. If they… Read More »EP16 – Funding Change

      EP14 – Upanishads

        “(The Upanishads speak of)…the sutra-atman, the threading breath, the breath that threads all of us together. Like in a rosary, all the different beads have been thread together by a thread, similarly, this breath threads all of us together. It is that connecting entity which… Read More »EP14 – Upanishads

        EP10 – Bhagwad Gita

          Despite the Bhagavad Gita being 5000 years old, it remains the first text we think of when we look at Hindu literature. Why would that be? What makes it relevant today and how does it take us beyond the dichotomy of good and bad? We… Read More »EP10 – Bhagwad Gita